The Alpine Restaurant

Fondue, raclette, pela... it is impossible to spend a moment in the mountains without tasting these specialities.

Le Restaurant Alpin - Les Fermes de Marie

The Fermes de Marie cheese factory

The Sibuet family, in collaboration with Frédéric Royer, master cheese maturer from the Boujon cheese dairy, have devised a menu that will delight even the greatest cheese lovers. Traditional fondue or truffle fondue, Burgundy fondue... And to get away from the great classics, let yourself be tempted by a goat's milk fondue or raclette.

L'Alpin - The Fermes de Marie cheese dairy
Savoyard specialities - Fondue - Mountain cuisine - Les Fermes de Marie

The fondue of the Fermes de Marie

The Best Fondue in Megeve

Voted best fondue in Megève at the Toquicimes 2019 gastronomic event, our fondue, like our house, has a story, let us tell you about it:

In our beautiful mountains there are certainly as many cheese fondue recipes as there are families! Everyone has their own little trick, their own combination of cheeses, their own turn at the mill, their own "drop of gnole" to enhance the flavour of the mixture... The secrets are well kept but shared with pride around the conviviality of the caquelon on Sunday evening after a day's skiing, all gathered around the family table, and so the tradition continues!... and more particularly at the Alpine Restaurant of Marie's Farms Preparing the winter recipes, in the heart of the Alpine Restaurant, cheese dairy and carnotzet, Marie and Nicolas Sibuet, shared around a caquelon with the chefs and Frédéric Royer, cheese maturer of the Maison Boujon... transmitting their desire for the guests of the Fermes de Marie: "Marie's fondue must be full of taste, flavour, generosity, authenticity, a love of fondue or a fondue full of love, with character and balance", the one that calls up their best Sunday evening memories and their most beautiful "rioules"! Tasting after tasting, mixing after mixing, small glass of Apremont's botoillon after small glass, all together, "tô plan", they had just recreated a fondue with the taste of the best of the mountain pastures with a delicate blend of cheeses from the two Savoies, and beyond... Marie's fondue

Secret of assembly :

- Beaufort cheese made from raw summer milk maximum 12 months of maturing

- Comté cheese made from raw milk and matured for 8 to 12 months.

- Cru des Alpes made from raw milk and matured for a very short period of time (maximum 4 months), with floral notes.

- Garlic / Nutmeg / Freshly ground pepper.

- Apremont cuvée Lisa, Domaine Jean Masson.

Service :

Tradition is tradition, Authenticity is authenticity, No need to "barjaquer" for a long time, we don't joke with real values! What better way to serve fondue than in a traditional red caquelon with a bottom scratched by hours of enjoyment and conviviality! The long fork to avoid pledges and good stale bread from the day before in cubes! From our elders we have inherited simplicity, a caquelon is a caquelon, and red suits it perfectly! Nicolas' tip: For the more daring, don't forget the Religieuse or the Madeleine at the end of the caquelon. To share this crunchy galette, don't "make a fuss", it's with your fingers and a small glass of pear! Good tasting and "arvi pas"!

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