MB Race

Discover the most difficult mountain bike race in the world.

June 28 to 30, 2024


Notice to mountain bikers

This race stands out in the mountain biking panorama because it is the only one with a one-day event with such a long distance: 140 km with 7,000 meters of positive altitude difference.

A race that counted only 1 finisher out of 600 riders in 2010, which earned it the label of the most difficult race in the world! The event has established itself as a major event, both in its territory and in the mountain bike world.


On the program:

MB Ultra : 70 km | 100 km | 140 km

A now mythical race on the trails of the Mont Blanc country. A goal: to become a finisher of the most difficult race in the world. A challenge: 7000m of D+ and 140 km will have to be taken to join the family of MB Finishers!

MB Ultime : 230 km

Adventure in teams of two and complete the 230 km of the MB Ultime course in less than 36 hours!

MB Explore : 55 km

A challenge in its own right with its 2,500 meters of D+, the MB Explore will take you over 35 or 50 km through breathtaking landscapes facing Mont Blanc!

MB First : 20 km | 35 km

A new course, which offers explosiveness with short distances or active relaxation while enjoying the beautiful mountain trails.

MB Enduro : 5 Special stages

10 years that the MB enduro exists, the atmosphere is always crazy! Race on a day without recognition, in the old way where the piloting and the technique are put in the honor!

MB E-rando : 20 km | 40km

Focused on the future of cycling, the MB Race also knows how to make you discover its trails in VTTAE. A format that will delight lovers of beautiful routes. Refreshments with local colors and festive animations

MB FTT Rando

A hike for people with reduced mobility in an all-terrain wheelchair!

MB Kids

Young competitors from 7 to 14 years old will also be able to challenge themselves on the Mont-Blanc tracks. Future champions in the making, they will be the MB Finishers of tomorrow!

MB Kids discovery

A 100% leisure event for children from 6 to 9 years old!

MB Draisienne

A highlight of the weekend, the little ones will be able to play on a loop in the heart of the exhibitors' village!