The Mont-Blanc Hotel, a vintage touch

Rediscover the Hotel Mont-Blanc in Megève and its new decoration


New decor

The Sibuet family has always cultivated an elegant extravagance in this legendary Megève address, and has recently revisited the lounges and rooms, infusing them with a modern, timeless spirit where beautiful ceramics, craftsmanship, fifties and sixties furniture collide. The result? Chic, even iconic.


In this new decor, which is only in white, a monochrome version, the Sibuets have rightly combined the pure and singular lines of the 50s and 60s with the softness and elegance of this non-colour. A choice that resonates perfectly with the name of the hotel and a renewal in harmony with what gives Mont Blanc its special aura. "We wanted to work on the influences of the 50s and 60s with a lot of artists' pieces, such as sofas by Guillerme and Chambron, period ceramic lighting with sixties lines and a very beautiful collection of ceramics from Vallauris.


The result? The new decoration of the lounges but also of the signature suites is fashionable, like this sublime white ceramic sun made to measure for the hotel by Julien Capron, grandson of the famous ceramist Roger Capron.

White decor - Hôtel Megève